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For divorces between those with a permanent residence in Beijing and foreigners, overseas Chinese, and residents of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, both involved individuals must go to the marriage registration office and adhere to the following procedure.

1. In case of a citizen of this city, a valid permanent residence registration (the marital status should be “married”, in case of any inconsistency, the party concerned shall correct it with the local police station of the jurisdiction where the permanent residence registration lies; If the party concerned has a collective registered permanent residence, he/she needs to use the original permanent residence registration to apply) and ID cards are required;

2. Foreigners must hold valid passports or international travel documents, overseas Chinese must hold valid passports, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents must hold valid Mainland Travel Permit and ID cards;

3. The parties should hold three copies of their divorce agreement, which sets out the intention of both parties to divorce voluntarily and the consensus on child support, property and debt management (both parties shall present their signatures to the marriage registration authority in person);

4. Marriage certificate issued by marriage registration authorities in China's mainland or by Chinese embassies and consulates outside of China's mainland;

5. Two recently-taken color passport photos (bare-head, full face), size: 2-inch (3cm×4cm).

According to the regulations of the civil affairs department, during the epidemic situation, the marriage registration agencies can not handle without appointment.

· Dongcheng Area:

Dongcheng District Administrative Service Center, 52 Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing.

Weekdays 09: 00–17: 00.

· Fangshan District:

Marriage Registration Hall, Civil Affairs Bureau, Fangshan District, Beijing: Rear Building, No. 10, Liangxiang West Road, Fangshan District, Beijing.

Weekdays from May to September, 09: 00–12: 00, 14: 00–17: 30; weekdays from October to April, 09: 00–12: 00, 13: 30–17: 00; the appointment registration service will be implemented on Saturdays (except for the dates regulated by the State Council and the municipal government), 9: 00–11: 00 and 14: 00–15: 00.

· Shunyi District:

Shunyi District Administrative Service Center (No. 3 Fuxing East Street), Area A, South Side.

Weekdays 09: 00 to 17: 00; 9: 00–11: 00 and 14: 00–15: 00 on Saturdays (reservation registration is provided on Saturdays, except for legal holidays).

· Daxing District:

No. 2 Shuangguan Alley, Guanyin Temple Street, Daxing District, Beijing.

Weekdays 09: 00–11: 30, 13: 30–17: 00.

· Fengtai District:

No. 2, East Happiness Street, Fengtai Town, Fengtai District, Beijing (Community Service Center, 2nd Floor).

Weekdays 09: 00–11: 30, 13: 30–17: 00, online appointment system on Saturdays (except statutory holidays).

· Tongzhou District:

Room 203, 2nd Floor, Tongzhou District Community Service Center, No.14 Tonghui North Road, Tongzhou District, Beijing.

Weekdays 08: 30–11: 30, 13: 30–17: 00

· Chaoyang District:

Marriage Registration Professional Hall, Chaoyang District, Beijing: Northeast corner of Dijingdi, Zhujiang River, No. 28, Guangqu Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Weekdays from Monday to Friday, 09: 00–17: 00; Saturday (only for successful registration) 09: 00–11: 00, 14: 00–15: 00, State Council, Municipal People's Government Stipulate that the date of vacation and vacation shall be implemented in accordance with the regulations.

· Huairou District:

Beijing Huairou District Administrative Service Center Minsheng Marriage Registration Sub-center: No. 26 North Street, Huairou District, Beijing.

Weekdays 08: 30–11: 30, 13: 30–17: 00.

· Miyun District:

Marriage Service Sub-center of Miyun District Administrative Service Center, Beijing: No. 32 Xinxi Road, Miyun District, Beijing

Weekdays 08: 30–17: 00; Only online registration on Saturdays (except for statutory holidays). 

· Shijingshan District:

Beijing Shijingshan District Administrative Service Center Marriage Registration Sub-center: No. 17 Yangzhuang Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing.

Weekdays 09: 00–12: 00, 14: 00–17: 30.

· Mentougou District:

Marriage Registration Sub-Center, Administrative Service Center, Mentougou District, Beijing: Building 15, Heishan Street, Mentougou District, Beijing.

 Weekdays 9: 00–17: 00; Saturday appointment registration service 9: 00–11: 00; 14: 00–15: 00 (legal holidays in accordance with national regulations).

· Haidian District:

No. 31, South Road of Academy of Sciences, Haidian District, Beijing (1st Floor, Community Service Center, Haidian District).

Weekdays 09:00–17:00; appointment service is provided on Saturday; the date set by the State Council and the Municipal People's Government for holiday adjustments are implemented in accordance with regulations.

· Pinggu District:

Weekdays from May-September, 08: 30–11: 30, 14: 00–17: 30; weekdays from October to April, 08: 30–11: 30, 13: 30–17: 00.

Comprehensive window on the first floor of the Marriage Registration Office, Civil Affairs Bureau, Marriage Registration Sub-Center, No. 17 Fuqian West Street, Pinggu District, Beijing.

  • Timeline and Fees
  • Qualification Criteria
  • Points for Attention

Timeline for application: Complete on the day

Fees: Free of charge

*According to the regulations of the Civil Affairs Department, all the marriage registration agencies will handle cases by appointment only during the COVID-19 period.

1. One of the parties holds a Beijing residency status;

2. Both parties should be present at the marriage registration authority in person;

3. Both parties are with full capacity for civil conduct (no history of mental illness or mental retardation, etc.);

4. Agreement on child support, property division, debt management, and other issues reached by both parties;

5. Proof that the parties are registered in marriage registration authority of China's mainland or in the Chinese embassies and consulates outside of China's mainland.

Marriage registration authorities will not accept the case in any of the following situations :

1. The parties have not registered their marriage in the marriage registration authority od China's mainland or in the Chinese embassies and consulates overseas;

2. Requests to handle the divorce between foreigners, residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and overseas Chinese by the marriage registration authority in China's mainland;

3. After registering the marriage in China's mainland, both parties have obtained long-term or permanent legal residency abroad or in Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan;

4. After registering the marriage in China's mainland, the applicant has a different name, identity documents and information from the the time of marriage registration, and the applicant cannot provide written proof of the reason for the change;

5. One of the two parties cannot express his/her real opinions in Chinese, and there is no third-party to translate his/her real opinions into foreign languages;

If the above circumstances prevent the parties from applying for a divorce registration at the marriage registration authority, the parties can go to the Quickpath Court of the People’s Court to handle the divorce settlement.