The legitimate rights and interests of foreigners in China shall be protected by laws. Foreigners in China shall abide by the Chinese laws, and shall not endanger China’s national security, harm public interests and disrupt social and public order. Foreigners who meet the relevant provisions of the Article 20 of Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China may apply for port visas with the visa-issuing authorities entrusted by the Ministry of Public Security at the ports which are approved to issue port visas by the State Council.

Regarding port visa issuance, the following materials may be of assistance:

Different Visa Types

  • C Visa
  • F Visa
  • L Visa
  • M Visa
  • Q Visa
  • R Visa
  • S Visa
  • Z Visa


The port visa is applicable to the following situations:

1.  Foreigners needing urgent entry for humanitarian reasons, or invited to enter for urgent business affairs, engineering repairs, or other urgencies and holding certification materials provided by relevant competent authorities to apply for a visa at ports of entry, may apply for a port visa with agencies authorized by the Ministry of Public  Security at the eligible ports of entry approved by the State Council.

2.  Foreign members of entrepreneurial teams in the Zhongguancun Science  Park and foreign technical talents employed by enterprises in  Zhongguancun Science Park, unable to get work permits due to time limitations, may apply for a talent visa at the port of entry with an invitation letter offered by leaders of entrepreneurial teams or by enterprises.

3. Foreign students from overseas colleges and universities invited for internship by enterprises in Zhongguancun Science Park registered within the entry/exit agencies of the public security organ of  Beijing may apply for a short-term private visit visa (annotated with  "internship") with authorized port visa agencies to enter for internship.

4. Foreign high-end talents recognized by the competent departments of Beijing for human resources, senior professionals in certain industries employed by enterprises recognized by the competent departments of Beijing for  scientific and technological innovation, or other foreign high-end talents invited and evidenced by the host unit, in the absence of a  visa, may apply for a talent visa with authorized agencies at the ports of entry.

5. Foreigners with a  work permit issued by the departments for human resources and social security and for foreign experts affairs, may directly apply for a  work-type residence permit for a validity period of no more than one year, or apply for a work visa with authorized visa agencies at the ports of entry.

6. Foreigners planning to invest, innovate or start business in Beijing, unable to get a work permit due to time limitations, may apply for a private visit visa with authorized visa agencies at the ports of entry, by providing supporting documents such as proof of investment, business plans or proof of their source of income.